twitter icon Twitter Applications (Apps)Twitter Apps are applications that interface with the social media site Twitter.   Twitter apps use the Twitter API (application programming interface) to interact with, and are able to mimick most of the functionality that is available to users working directly through Twitter and other sites.

Some popular Twitter apps include services like, which is a URL shortening service, and TwitPic, which allows users to share their photos on Twitter. Are you looking to interface with your Twitter followers in a unique way?  Perhaps allowing them to add a badge to their profile, determine their locations, create quizzes or let them help you build your brand?  Twitter apps can be used to find users by name and interest, can find the latest trends and keywords being used on twitter, and track tweets by location.  Twitter applications can also be used to make dealing with Twitter easier, whether that is by refining or reducing the number of features available, allowing you to autofollow or automessage followers.

There are so many ways that you can interact with your Twitter fans – why not contact us and see if we can help you build an app that is great for your followers!

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